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24 Southern California WOMEN ARTISTS 1977/2017

co-Curator and featured Artist

In January of 1977, the groundbreaking group show "Twenty Four Southern California Women Artists" opened in the Art Gallery at Cerritos College. In 2017, I organized a collection of artists to respond to this historic 1977 show in the same gallery, exactly 4 decades after the original January opening.

In bringing to the surface the gallery's exhibition memory, it was our position that all artists must contend with what came before us. We did not limit the artists in this show to women for this reason, and also because the gender binary that informed the 1977 show no longer makes sense to us.

The idea of a "women's show" is complicated. Yet in 2017, the stakes for women in Southern California and in our country are profound. With this exhibition, we invited the viewer to enter an ongoing conversation with us and with the artwork, past and present.


Curators: Suzanne Joskow and Henderson Blumer

Exhibiting Artists: Deb Adams-Welles, Kiara Alvarado, Sydney Aubert, Robert Begley, Amanda Benefiel, Will Bryant, Liz Cardman, Jocelyn Casas, Heejung Choi, Austyn de Lugo, Dana Duff, Mark x Farina, Irene Flately, Nathan Gulick, Suzanne Joskow, Annetta Kapon, Raghubir Kintisch, Lucas McDaniel, Renée Petropoulos, Karim Shuqem, Emily Thorpe, and Gina Valona.

"Old Maid"
Lotto Ball
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